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17 July 2006 @ 11:34 pm
Gundam Seed Destiny Fanfiction: Terminal  


A Gundam Seed Destiny Fanfiction
By: Akiasha
Chapters 5+
Rating: for Mature Beings only
Main Pairings/Characters: Kira/Lacus, Cagalli/Athrun, Shinn/Luna
Supporting Cast: Dearka/Milli, Talia/Gilbert, Mu/Marrue. And anybody you don't know or just appears every now and then....they're supporting.  
Genre: Romantic Drama/ Adventure 
Warnings: After-series, During-series, adult themes, hetero-sexual relations, mild language, plethora of original characters(though one will tend to stick out), and the author's attempt at adding humor to an otherwise serious series(please forgive her, she just found that it needed a bit of snarking).
Spoilers: Gundam Seed Destiny/ Post Gundam Seed Destiny, it starts in a familiar epsiode...that's all I'll tell you.

Summary:  C.E. 72. The war between the Earth and PLANT that lasted for a year and a half, finally came to an end with an armistice after the Battle of Jakin Due. Under mutual agreement, a treaty was eventually signed at the site of the past tragedy, Junius 7, pledging increased efforts to accept each other and strive for peace. Terminal, born at the end of the first Bloody Valentine War, created to provide a way towards peace in times of war, awakens in C.E. 73 at the start of the Second Bloody Valentine War. With the war quickly unraveling towards its end, Terminal focuses in on the true mastermind behind the war. Peices of information scattered between the heroes of the last war, cryptic messages, and fate twist together, the world driving towards an unrevealed destiny.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction created from the mind and heart of the author (and any poor unsuspecting friend she could batter ideas off of) and not intended for sale or profit. Character rights and original story are copyright of the Gundam Francise and Bandai.

Date Started: I believe it was in May, 2006.
Date Finished:
Status: in-progress
Current Word Count: ~39,927


[Phase 1: Meyrin]
[Phase 2: Time to Tell]
[Phase 3: Freedom]
[Phase 4: In Memorium]
[Phase 5: Angels and Demons]
[Phase 6: Truths and Spies]
[Phase 7: Neo]


Authors Note: Ok, so I'm not very good with summaries. I tried my best and it may change, don't know, but I know the story makes sense...or at least I hope so. Here's how it works~ the story is broken up like the series into phases, each phases will have a set number of parts splitting the way I feel it works best. Big credit to lady_readwolf for the breaking up idea, she used it for "Eternal Destiny" and I liked it so much I snitched it.

If you want to know why I name my Phases, it's because it's fun. It also helps me keep track of things. I may post tentative titles for chapters 6+, but I don't have them written yet. I know I went through like six titles for phase 5 before I settled on the one I felt described the phase.

Super Uber Powerful Warning: If at any time you feel like I am making fun of Gundam Seed/Destiny, I am. I decided early on that it takes itself too seriously, but you can rest assured that it won't be any of Bandai's characters that end up making fun of it...they'll all be mine. 

Welcome and please enjoy.

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